Veterans Day

Veterans Day

On Veterans Day at PSKC we decided to do a little military inspired “LOG PT” workout. Those of you who have served no there’s nothing quite like a little team building over a log…see clip below of candidates going through SF selection…

So I spent my day off up in the back yard finding the perfect tree for PSKC…

Now granted the idea (as fun as it sounds) wasn’t to make people roll around and puke. But rather to introduce a new training tool and instill the importance of communication and team building/camaraderie and to give a very tiny small taste of military PT.

People were broken into teams of 4 and given the following the work load:
Group Log squat/press X 15
Log good mornings X 15
Log situps X 10
Team Pushups X 5
Rope Climb – one per each member
then as a team carry a sandbag and kettlbell farmers carry around the block twice..
Complete as many times in 30 minutes…

So a big thank you to all who have served….your strength is the foundation of this great country.

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