This past Saturday we had the honor of hosting approximately 40 future Marine recruits from across the tri-state area. These young men and women have either expressed an interest in joining the Marine Corps or are on contract with ship dates to Parris Island.

Every quarter we open our doors to put these future recruits through a half day of teambuilding and physical training. Our intent is to introduce a lil stress and get these future Marines to think on their feet and work together with the ultimate goal of having them better prepared for Parris Island.

As usual we always have 10-15 of the members who pitch in and volunteer their time to help support the generation of warriors. We cannot thank you enough.

homemade obstacle course
Ice water penalty for not completing the rope bridge
what happens if you don’t meet your time hack 

Thank you to the excellent staff and recruiters of RSS Huntington. We value our fantastic partnership.

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