I want to express a huge thanks to the members of PSKC who came out and volunteered their time and energy to help run the USMC event on Saturday. Both PSKC and RSS Huntington are indebted to you all for your never ending support.

 Each event continues to grow and get better, yesterday was pretty damn awesome. This time around we wanted to provide more of a mission driven aspect to the training. Upon arrival we broke the poolees into a platoon formation, and assign members to designated squads. The first phase of the mission of the mission was move a “disabled vehicle” from the Forward Operating Base (FOB) to the Combat Outpost (COP). Each squad would rotate pushing duties at each block. The approximate distance was 1 kilometer.

Once they arrived at the COP, they rested and recovered for a few minutes, believing all they had to do was push the vehicle back to the FOB and call it a day.

However, at the COP, the platoon received a different mission. Behind the flood wall we had our Phase II station set up. Each squad had to hold a 95lb barbell overhead while the remaining squad members ran 2 X levee sprints.

receiving in brief
After the levee Phase it was time to RTB (return to base). Only this time, at each intersection the Platoon received small arms fire and had to fight their back to base. At each intersection the entire platoon did 2 X burpees. As they progressed further they did 2 more burpees for every intersection they crossed. 
the final push
And as usual throughout the day…THE WIZARD ALWAYS GETS HIS VICTIMS…
introducing a new way to “Tebow”
A sincere thanks to you all. We couldn’t have done it without your support. To the young men and women of RSS Huntington, keep up the great work and we applaud your future service to your country. 
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