supporting the next generation of warriors..

USMC/PSKC Part II was a great success! Over 15 members from the gym supported a half day event for over 50 future Marine recruits from the tri-state area. I’ll post a more detailed report with photos and a recap later…but just wanted to send a big thanks to those who helped out this Saturday.

We’ll see you guys for another Mudder Monday tomorrow at the 9am or 6pm options. Also, don’t forget a crew from the gym will be going up to attend the Crossfit Back at the Ranch Competition. Some folks have stated they would like to do it, but don’t know if they can….Check out the vid below:

“The only way to lose is to not play”

This will be an awesome time, trust me. You can sign up as a team from the gym or as an individual. It would be cool to get as many people to go as possible!

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