USMC at PSKC Saturday December 15th!

USMC at PSKC Saturday December 15th!

This Saturday we are conducting our quarterly team buidling/motivation training with future USMC recruits (poolees) from the Tri-State area. We will putting these young men and women through a couple hours of physical training, teamwork, and the development of communication skills under stress.

The training will start at 10am on Saturday. We will have an early Pain Clinic from 0830-0930. And we need your help!! We need several volunteers to help these young men and women out. Those who have helped in the past will tell you it’s an incredible rewarding experience. We will need you to run stations/events that we put these guys through.

Email Dale at if you’d like to volunteer and help out the next generation of warriors from our own hometowns.

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