Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events!


We’ve got a tremendously busy next coupld of weeks. See below for a quick snapshot of some upcoming events:

Chug & Run Training – After the Friday 530pm class, bring some beer as we start to train for the inaugural Chug & Run for Team SAR! This is actually just an excuse to bring beer and hang out for a little bit after class :) This event goes down on September, 24th and will be epic. Get your foursome together and prepare for glory. Click HERE to learn more, only 15 spots are left.

August 20th – Free workout! Bring a friend down and get an awesome workout.

August 22nd – Back to School Kids Class Hours – CrossFit Kids moves up to Mon/Wed/Fri at 4pm.

August 27th – 6th Year Anniversary Celebration! We are still planning this one, but it will be a group workout followed by some sort of get together.

September 10th – Back at the Ranch, this is one of the funnest most unorthodox competitions around. They still have slots! There’s a few teams from the gym going, and Doc Spartan will have a booth.

September 17th – Free workout! Bring a friend down and get an awesome workout.

September 24th – Team SAR Chug & Run!

October 15th – Active Shooter Response Course – If you find yourself in the worst case scenario, do you know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones alive? We are bringing in a professional active shooter response course whose goal is to teach you what YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING. We are here to supply you with options and explain to you the realities of these scenarios. We’re creating “hard targets” by training and educating the people that may find themselves on the frontlines. Click this LINK to learn more and get signed up.

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