Big thanks to coaches Dave and Monica for kicking ass while I’ve been out due to my real job. Rest assured I’ve missed you all tremendously and I’m and hungry to get back to PSKC!

Now that we have a little more mat space, it’s time to get down (or up I should say) with some turkish get ups. If you had to choose only one exercise you could only do for the rest of your life, you’d be hard pressed not to choose the get up. There’s nothing that develops full body coordination and strength quite like the old school get up. Not only is a great full body strength exercise, but it’s truly amazing for its rehab capabilities especially for the shoulders.

We’ll spend a fair amount of time drilling this movement down for the beginners as the veterans will be spending some time trying to reach new heavy rep maxes. So come ready at 7pm to learn one of the best full body movements there is, you won’t be disappointed.

So get ready for tomorrow by doing some homework today.  Take notes from Jeff Martone, as he shows you how.

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