Tuesday Tough Mudder Surprise

Tuesday Tough Mudder Surprise


Today we threw out a lil slice of Mudder Pie. It was taken from a workout that came across the www.crossfit.com main site the other day.  It was especially tasty for those who happen to no show on Mondays. I know it was a nasty trick to play. But I’m extremely proud of you guys who gutted it out. Now, there is no excuse for skipping Mondays.

After the workout, BC and Anthony wanted to “play around” around the log trainer. We just recently got this piece of awesomeness not too long ago. Any kid growing up in the 90s idolized the Strongman competitions that were featured on ESPN. After doing some clean and presses with this equipment you get a whole new level of appreciation for just how brutally strong these guys are.

After working a little technique Anthony and Brandon decided to go after it. Brandon ended with a 280lb clean.

And Anthony ended up cleaning 300!

It was impressive to say the least watching these guys put that weight up. Especially considering it was their first time doing it. But what they had that equipped them to do this was a great base of strength and conditioning from the countless workouts they’ve put in at the compound over the past several months. By the way they did all this AFTER the workout.


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