Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

thanks for all the birthday cards, texts, emails, and messages. Hope you enjoyed the workout!

Last week on the Facebook page (which we use to push the latest updates, so please hit the “like” button to ensure you’re getting the latest and greatest), we let you guys know about an awesome website called WODSTACK.

WODSTACK is a great tool to keep track of the workouts that you’ve completed and chart your progress along the way. We created a PSKC page on the website where we post the Workouts of the Day (WOD). This allows you to see all the workouts we’ve done and will act as a historical record of sort. But more importantly, you can “clone” the workout and put it into your own calendar where you keep track of your weights, times, rounds, etc. You can also track your PRs, goals, Benchmark WODs, etc. Click the below video for a better explanation of the features..and best of all it’s FREE.

Each time I play around on the site I discover some cool new feature. And keep in mind this website is still in its infancy and will get better with time. There’s lots of reasons to create a profile and follow along.

1) Tracking your progress. Remember your first intro class with the “icebreaker” workout? The little 5 minute partner AMRAP of swings and push presses with a 35/18lb kb. Imagine if you kept track of your rounds/weights and then compared it to now. It would be staggering.

2) Some of you are more OCD than yours (looking at you Quadzilla). This site fullfills your wildest OCD fantasies. You can input your 5/3/1 weights and reps, track your PRs and goals, etc. You get what you put into it. Some of you could care less about times/weights/etc, you just want to come in and get it in…and that is completely cool too. At a minimum you don’t have to do squat. You can just logon and see what the workout is, completely up to you.

So go click HERE for the PSKC page and create your profile and surf around and check it out.

Also, keep your friends coming! We love having new folks come in!

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