Tough Mudder Tuesday = Sissy Test!

Tough Mudder Tuesday = Sissy Test!

This video is what PSKC is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re a MMA fighter or a mother of 3, we are a team! The lady is Bad Ass Barb Coriell, she was the last to finish the terrible “Sissy Test”.

The sissy test is an alternating ladder of swings and burpees. You start with 25 swings and do 1 burpee, 24 swings/2 burpees, 23 swings/3 burpees, etc..

Until you get all the way down to 1 swing/25 burpees..hell on Earth. It’s equal parts physical and mental torture! That’s a total of 325 swings and burpees!

The video shows Barb knocking out her last 10 burpees to finish up. The great thing is she didn’t finish alone! The people you see (minus myself) had just finished the Sissy Test themselves and were already exhausted, but they knew Barb needed that extra push to help her through. Nowhere else do you get such an amazing, supportive, and positive atmosphere. You might feel shy and awkward at first, but once you go through hell a couple times and shed some sweat (and even blood) these people fast become your good friends.

So proud of all you guys tonight…totaling both classes we had over 30 people who knocked out the sissy test! Be proud of yourselves…you’ll be hard pressed to find something more physically and mentally demanding than the sissy test!

Don’t forget all classes are cancelled tomorrow in order for the majority of folks to attend the Red Cross Heroes dinner..

See you guys Thursday for the 6pm and 7pm classes!

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