Tough Mudder Conquered!

Tough Mudder Conquered!

Mudder Maniacs
“Sometimes, to appreciate heaven…you need to get a lil taste of hell”

This past weekend a crew of 11 PSKC’rs traveled out to northern Indiana to eat some mudder pie. All 11 started and finished..together. Approximately 12 miles stuffed with 22 obstacles ranging from ice, fire, walls, electrical shock, mud, water, barbed wire, more mud and ice…completed in very chilly and extremely windy weather.

In the beginning the crew were all smiles with excited energy….

After around mile 4…the reality started to set in. Anyone can be tough when you’re indoors blocked from wind and freezing temperatures. Submerge yourself in a bucket of ice water repeatedly, crawl through mud, and wade around in some creeks then the gut check comes into play..

Along the way, the FEAR DOG starts barking and gets very hungry….he quietly whispers in your ear. Telling you it’s okay to quit, to stop…your fingers and feet start to get numb…can’t breath. It would be perfectly acceptable to quit this stupid race….right?

Then that’s where your teammates come into play…crack a joke and put a smile on your face and keep you moving. You might want to quit on yourself, but you damn sure won’t quit on your team.

For some it was the toughest mental challenge they ever faced. Many of the moms in the group, said it was “harder than labor”. But no matter what…all who completed the Mudder walk a little a taller and stand a little prouder because of what they endured and ultimately conquered.

the best way to bond..

Very proud of the crew, damn proud to be exact. You guys are a rare breed. Your family wouldn’t understand, your co-workers wouldn’t understand…but those 11 who finished right next to you definitely understand why you did it.

For those who didn’t get a chance to participate…don’t worry. We’ll Mudder it up again in 2012, just hope we can find one a little colder and more windy.

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