Touching the Void..

Touching the Void..

Over 15 people showed up to participate in a special Saturday Pain Clinic workout. At the beginning of class we took time to remember those lives lost in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and remind ourselves that the wolves are still out there waiting to prey on the sheep…thank God our shepherds (military/law enforcement/first responders) are out there protecting us.

Tomorrow we will start the week off right…intro class at 6pm followed by the regularly scheduled beatdown at 7pm. Can’t wait to see you guys…

Also, here’s some homework for you. Get your netflix on and watch the movie/documentary “Touching the Void”…

“The closer you are to death. The more you realize you are alive.
The closer you are to death, the harder you cling to life.”

With a shattered and broken leg, 5 miles from base camp..would you have what it takes to crawl back to survival? What I found amazing is how he did it mentally…he became obsessed with reaching little goals. He would set the clock at 20 minutes and pick out an object in the distance to reach in that 20 minute timeframe…slowly but surely he made it off the mountain.

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