On Friday we did the “Glen” workout;
30 clean and jerk 135/95
run 1 mile
10 rope climbs
run 1 mile
100 burpees

That day we had over 30 people dive head first and tackle this WOD to honor a great man. Most important was the display of motivation and community each person had for one another. Take a look below..

That’s an example of just why we’re different and what we offer…together. You’re the one doing the work, but you’re not doing it alone.

This is the last week to enroll and get in on our current rates. Our next beginners program is taking place this Wednesday at 630pm, email to reserve your slot!

We also have some new swag for $20:

To make room we’re putting the old gear on clearance, $10/shirt or 3 for $25:

First come first served! Train hard and we’ll see you at the gym!

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