Tips for Monday’s Burpee Mile..

Tips for Monday’s Burpee Mile..

hitting the last burpee..

Want to send a huge congrats to all those who came to the Pain Clinic this morning and tackled Murph. This Memorial Day weekend we wanted to make sure you all had plenty opportunities to honor and memorialize all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Today was part I with Murph and on Monday morning at 0900, we invite you to take part in the first ever PSKC Memorial Day Burpee Mile. 

This morning some of the coaches set out to test the burpee mile and give you all some tips for success. At around 6:40am we stepped off and we all made it back by 8:20am…Mo and Ash made it back with a quickness. So it took us all under an hour and a half. Not as long as we originally thought. Also, not as physically demanding as we had anticipated as well. As a matter of fact, as I write this about 12 hours after the burpee mile and I don’t feel too sore at all.

This is way more mentally demanding then physically demanding. Therefore, if you’re signed up for the Gauntlet I think you’ll be just fine completing this challenge if you’re up for it.

at the 1/2 way point at the Lantern

Some tips…

1) WEAR KNEE PROTECTION. Mo and Ash wore volleyball knee pads and were fine. I wore contractor knee pads from Lowes and had no problems. But you you need to wear something. You will be traveling on asphalt. So ask around or grab something from Wal-Mart.

2) WEAR GLOVES: Wear a pair of heavy duty work gloves. Ash had a normal pair of gloves and they got shredded. I had on heavy duty leather “Mechanix” gloves and they were worked great.

3) Wrap/tape your wrists up. You’ll be doing yourself off the ground a couple hundred times. You can use the added wrist support.

4) Eat the pie one slice at a time. I set mini micro goals. I would just focus on getting to the next block. Once I got there, I’d take a drink a water, shake it out and then focus on getting to the next block. Set yourself in a rhythm, focus on your breathing, and keep going. Look at the road in front of you..don’t look at the whole distance you must travel.

5) Cover as much distance as possible. As you come up out of the pushup, try and make sure your feet pass where your hands were in the pushup. Then take a big broad jump, rinse and repeat.

5) Wear your iPOD. Music will always help.

6) HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Start drinking water now.

That’s about it. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DO THIS. It’s an incredibly unique opportunity to spend 1 and a half – 3 hours really thinking about those who have gone before us and given the ultimate sacrifice. Please remember what Memorial Day is all about…the coaches will be in the support truck driving along the entire way. That way you can put your water and any other gear you may need.

I hope to see you as many as you guys as possible on Monday. Remember if you don’t think you can do the entire mile, that’s no problem. You can do a 1/2 mile, or at a minimum you can walk along side us and do 10 burpees at every block, etc.

Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you guys be awesome, Monday at 0900!

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