Thursday’s Recap

Thursday’s Recap

We started with 5 people attending the intro..great to continue to see the new faces getting introduced to PSKC. Big props to Eric, Aaron, Amy, Jill, and Luann. It was great having you all.

Then we instructed everyone on the turkish get up. It can be somewhat technical to learn, but everyone got through it and learned to stay tight, focus on the bell, and tie their body together. It was great to see some of the veterans rock the 70 and 88lb bells…big congrats to Shep, Garett, Dave, and Monica.

After spending some time learning and executing the TGU. We went into the finisher:
3 rounds of:
4X TGU weak and strong arm
40 swings

The point wasn’t to end in a heaving pile of sweat (that was yesterday), but to learn how to execute the TGU under physical stress.

Attempting the 115 barbell get-up. Didn’t quite make it, but it will come soon


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