Thrusters, Wall Walks, Pullups, and Tire Flips

Thrusters, Wall Walks, Pullups, and Tire Flips

Shep and Dave moving the heavy bells

Today we started out with some strength focusing on a blend of wall walks, double thrusters, pullups, and tire flips. We quickly learned we need to be doing more wall walks. After the 3 rounds were complete on the strength portion we went into a dirty lil lactic acid finisher. 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of “rest” of:
Air Squats – rest in the bottome
Traveling Plank – rest in the plank
Slamball – rest in the overhead lockout

Also, it was great to have newcomers Brandy and Whitney on board. You guys did great! At the the 6 & 7 classes tomorrow we doing nothing but team relays all class long. We’ll break into 4-5 events and see which teams can complete the most amount of rounds.

Let’s try and split the groups up as much as we can, I’d like to see some more love thrown to the 7pm group if you can. Fun will be had for all!

How awesome is this photo?
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