This Week’s Schedule/Activities

This Week’s Schedule/Activities

This week the staff is preparing to host future USMC recruits at the compound for a 1/2 day of training this Saturday. We have a good number of volunteers already but could always use more. So please email and/or message us to grab a slot to help out.

We will need you to run stations that we will be putting the “Poolees” through on Saturday. We will still be having the Pain Clinic at 0900 that morning. You will be beta-testing the stations that we will be putting the future Marines through.

The event will run from approximately 1000-1300. If you’re going to volunteer I need you there at the 0900 Pain Clinic to help set up.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE THIS THURSDAY EVENING CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED! Sorry for the inconvenience, but all the evening coaches will either be out of town or working that night. An email was sent out a few weeks ago, but this is a reminder. Thursday morning class will be go as scheduled.

Finally stay tuned for some very exciting developments with our ally INFIDEL USA! Rumor has it some shirts, shorts, and new website are in the works!

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