This Weekend’s Schedule

This Weekend’s Schedule

We’ve got another packed weekend! Here’s the agenda..

0900 Regular class. If you need to be judged for 13.3 see a coach during this timeslot.
530pm- The regular class will start 13.3. Then those folks who have registered for the Open, we will start doing heats of 4-5 folks as soon as the class is over. Also, if there’s any folks in the area who need to be judged come on down!

Standards: You either are performing the movement to the standard (good rep) or you’re not (no rep). Be familiar with the movements and the standards, we will always brief the group beforehand, but it’s your responsibility to know them. Your judges job is not coach you, but to ensure the movements are being performed correctly. If you’re not doing the movement correctly you’re gonna get “no repped”.

Also, we won’t tolerate cry babies or whining about being no repped. I know how things get when you’re having a near death experience due to a shit ton of wall balls, especially being on 149 then hearing…”no rep”…”no rep”. If you wanna freak out and lose your cool then you’ll be asked to go elsewhere. Remember this is supposed to be fun.

0900 – BRING A FRIEND PAIN CLINIC! If you’ve got a buddy who hasn’t been to the gym before. Bring them in for free and let them get an experience of PSKC Crossfit. Shoot an email if you’re planning on bringing someone.
1000 – PHS Football team training.

Finally, the Gauntlet III registration page is live! Click HERE to get signed up and reserve your slot!

See you all this weekend!

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