This Week Intro Is Moved to Tuesday at 5pm…

This Week Intro Is Moved to Tuesday at 5pm…

Troy and Ashley battling it out..

This week was a great week of training. We got to get outside a little bit, work on the deadlift technique and did some strongman training. Speaking of which, Primetime deadlifted 205lbs for her first time ever lifting heavy, not to mention the fact she ran a half marathon a few weeks back…the definition of strong and capable. Also we started our 2 month train up for the events that will go down at the PSKC Gauntlet on May 21st. For more details check out…
Get the word out on’s gonna be one helluva event. Don’t forget you need to register no later than May 2nd. Also, just announced we are gonna have an awesome BBQ at Primetime’s house afterwards. All you need to do is bring a side dish!

Sandbag up and overs..nothing more functional than lifting heavy s#$t off the ground..
The Lane of Pain (LOP) is officially opened for the season

Now onto this week’s schedule. The kettlebell intro for this week has been moved from Wednesday to Tuesday at 5pm. Please let your friends know…and continue to get the word out. We will be changing the way we do intros in the near future, so this will be one of the last times this type of intro will be offered.

Mo and I beta-tested Monday’s workout this afternoon and you guys will really dig it! See you tomorrow at the 6 or 7…

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