This is Why You Did the Open

This is Why You Did the Open



The 2014 CrossFit Open is in the books. For a lot of you, this was your first experience. We begged, pleaded, and forced  you to sign up and do it. 5 weeks of testing of yourself and more importantly learning about yourself. You were forced to try and do things you once thought were impossible. You stepped up and went down swinging. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

As usual “Preach” can say it way better, read below as he brags about his wife and reminds us all why we do the Open.

“I just want to brag on my wife Keri A Bowling for a minute.
She just completed a gruesome workout to finish her first Crossfit Open! She didn’t want to sign up and I had to talk her into doing it (along with some added motivation from awesome PSKC’ers like Coach Ash who also gets the credit for these great pics)
When the Open started, she couldn’t do double unders (which is making the jump rope pass under your feet twice per jump) and she did 76 of them in the first WOD. In the second WOD she did 7 Overhead Squats at her current one rep max. Before the fourth workout, she couldn’t do one Toes-2-Bar… She ended up doing 29 of them! My wife is amazing but she struggles with confidence just like the rest of us. She didn’t think she could do some of these things but she proved herself wrong… So what’s holding you back?!? I Love You Babe!!”

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