They Call Her Les Norris

They Call Her Les Norris

before = “skinny” … now = strong, capable, and healthy

Roughly 6 months ago a skinny tattooed blonde chick walked into the compound for the Intro. Her name was Leslie, she is now known as Les Norris.

Before she transformed into the monster that is Les Norris, she was simply Leslie. 6 months ago Leslie was skinny….not strong.

6 months ago pullups, deadlifting, power cleans, were not apart of her training regime. She just did “weights”. She was a smoker and her own words had the strength “to barely open the door“. Since that time she replaced Jager bombs with “Mapache bombs” and relishes the time she can work on her strength.

Here is an excerpt from an email she sent me a while back….

“I did my first pullup last night! Dude–not to get all corny but your gym has seriously changed my life. I haven’t had a smoke since January and I don’t even want one. My strength has increased immeasurably and I had no idea that I could push myself to such great lengths. You weren’t kidding when you said I would see results. I can’t say enough good things about PSKC.”

Very powerful words indeed. But to appreciate these words, sometimes you need a powerful visual image to support them.

This was Leslie about a year ago. She weighed about 99lbs and had been training at another gym for 4 years doing “weights”.


This is Les Norris now…6 months after training at PSKC.


Today’s society tells girls they need to be “skinny”. And as you can see from the “before” picture, she definitely was skinny. But just how physically capable was she?

The majority of the time that skinny = unhealthy and weak. I’m so thankful that Les bucked the system and decided to be strong and healthy versus skinny and weak. Her transformation wasn’t easy, she trains HARD and eats GOOD. She is a shining example of what can happen when you can combine training + diet + attitude.

Click HERE for some other examples of strong PSKC chicks.

We have dozens of examples of people losing weight at PSKC. But the example of Les is very special. What happens when you don’t have weight to lose? YOU GET STRONG AND BUILD DENSE FUNCTIONAL MUSCLE. That’s what’s happening to the people who are losing weight as well at PSKC.

Great job Les Norris…this is just the beginning for you. So much for powerlifting, kettlebells, and olympic lifting being just a “guy” thing.

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