The World Worships Excellence…But Runs on Mediocrity

The World Worships Excellence…But Runs on Mediocrity


Over the course of the last several months, myself and my brother Derick Carver have been heavily involved with launching Team Some Assembly Required. We went head first at the Arnold Midwest Affiliate Gathering and from that we have a full slate of events for the summer. The message of the team has reached across America and everyday we get to talk and communicate with different adaptive athletes from across America. The words “blessing” and “honor” are not enough to describe the feeling I get when I get to talk and work with these guys. On a daily basis I am flooded with motivation by their ability and desire to adapt and overcome.

Then I get to the gym and hear the moans and groans of from a 400 meter run.

I hear …”I’m tired” ..”I hate thrusters” ..”I’m no good at rowing” …

I see people grabbing a drink of water 2 minutes into a workout.

I see the fuzzy math of “mis-counted” reps., grabbing a lighter bar,

And worst of all …I don’t see ALL OUT effort…I see “good enough”.

It really produces a severe anger inside of me.

Last night I spent a long conversation with a girl named Lindsay. Lindsay is the newest member of Team Sar and 1 of 12 people in America to receive a double arm transplant.

She was having surgery to remove a portion of her intestines due to Crohn’s disease. In a tragic turn, she ended up receiving sepsis and had to have all 4 limbs removed (double BK and double BE amputee). Just like that…all 4 limbs gone. Later on she would learn how to use prosthetic legs and eventually go onto be 1 of 12 people in America to ever receive a double hand transplant. Please check out the 3 part series below to learn more.

It’s been about 3 years since the transplant and now Lindsay wants more. She saw Tanya and became inspired, there was a spark inside of her that needed to burn. That outlet is CrossFit and eventually working her way to be an active member on the team. Her passion in life is to help others and work with wounded warriors.

A double leg adaptive athlete and and a double hand/arm transplant…all she wants to do is get better at CrossFit…incredible.

Yet people bitch and whine about having to run and not liking thrusters. Get your shit together and be thankful for the gifts you do have. Your complaints are a slap in the face to each person who would love to be in literally in  your shoes.

PSKC was founded in a brick warehouse that leaked and flooded, froze in the winter, and scorched in the summer. For some of you – you’ve gotten soft, you’ve forgot how to push. You come for social hour with a workout thrown in between.

Nothing good comes in this world without intensity and sacrifice.

Showing up and going through the motions isn’t good enough. Just because you go to a “CrossFit” gym where we do “hard” workouts doesn’t mean shit if you’re not giving your full and best effort.

Everyone worships excellence but runs on mediocrity“. We all love watching the great ones, seeing them on top of their given fields and professions. But yet when it’s time for us to be the best..where is our effort? Where is our action? The only things you have are the body God gave you and this exact moment. Fear, stress, worry = all bullshit you’ve constructed in your mind. A true believer of the lies society has told you.

Intensity and violence of action will be the only thing you’ll be remembered for.

The point is not to be great at something…the real key is to strive for greatness within yourself. Being comfortable, pacing yourself won’t get you there.  You’ve got to learn to burn…to  suffer…to enjoy it.  Quiet and calm your mind…and embrace and relish what you are about to feel and endure.

You want to help the gym out? Raise your effort and intensity – show new people what true effort looks like. We don’t care about the growth of the gym if it’s full of half-ass members. Raise your standard and watch everyone else around you do the same.

After all, you’ve 2 legs and 2 arms. …

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