The Two Minute Torture

The Two Minute Torture

Over 30 people rocking the Training Room 2 minute torture

Thanks to my man Uncle Mike at the Training Room, we introduced the two minute torture today at PSKC. After we worked on some Turkish Get-Ups, we went straight into the two minute torture..

Every two minutes for 20 minutes, you complete the following as fast as you can
5 burpees
10 Snatches (5w/5s)
15 Mountain Climbers
20 Swings

The clock resets every 2 minutes and you start over again for a total of 10 rounds, so the faster you get done the more rest you get before the 2 minutes is up. It gets really brutal really fast…see below

Also, I’m super excited to officially announce Spartan Jiu Jitsu….

 I was very fortunate to be approached by some outstanding local jiu jitsu instructors (Jason Shepherd and John Bruce) who wanted to offer jiu jitsu classes at PSKC! The first class will be this Friday at 6pm at the gym. It will be available to current members at a small additional fee, and a jiu jitsu only membership will also be available. I will announce the schedule and dues/memberships as we nail them down…right now we are just super stoked to be able to get this up and going and make it available to the community…more details to follow!

More info, check out the Spartan Jiu Jitsu facebook page…click HERE

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