The Transformation of Trace

The Transformation of Trace

Before she knew it, she was 270lbs. She wasn’t the person she remembered. Life seemed like a never ending series of catastrophes, but if there was something she could count on to make herself feel better it was food.

Food would always be there to comfort her. The highlight of the day was choosing the fast food restaurant. 180lbs became 200..205..220..and finally 270. Walking up 7 stairs from the basement was dizzying and labor intensive, she saw stars.

Enough was enough..a chance encounter watching Dr. Phil made her realize if she couldn’t change for herself, she needed to change for her young son. She wanted to be there for him. She made a decision and ordered some workout DVDs.

Late at night when her husband and son were sleeping, she popped in the discs and literally put one foot in front of the other. Each day she just tried to last one minute longer than the day before. Before she knew it, she got through the entire series and decided to order another set. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Before she knew it, she had lost 50lbs on her own and gathered up the insane amount of courage to join a public gym.

She began using the machines the gym offered and became obsessed with “cardio” and “low fat” diets. Which at first brought success and more pounds began to fall.

Luckily one of the staff members at the gym had befriended her and generously showed her how to use the machines and free weights, and more progress was made.

After an initial time period however, she became bored, the same routine became very routine and the same friend encouraged her and invited her to attend a “bring a friend” workout at PSKC. Scared to death and unsure of herself..she went and as the video tells, she fell in love.

It’s not CrossFit so much that she fell in love with, it was the new person she had become. The new mother and wife she had become. On her own in approximately 2 years she shed over 100lbs, she then joined a CrossFit gym and learned it’s so much about the weight being lost, it’s about the capacity being gained.

This isn’t a CrossFit success story, this is a mother’s success story. A mother’s love for her son took her down the path to health and fitness. She began by lasting 5 minutes on DVDs and now she deadlifts 300lbs, does pullups, and handstand pushups. Feats that would be seemed impossible 3 years ago inside a 270lb body.

This is the very abbreviated story of Trace. What is your story?

You are the one with the pen, the author of your history. The future is full of blank pages, each decision a sentence, each day a paragraph. How will you fill your pages?


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