The Store is Open!

The Store is Open!

The Athlete’s Exchange is officially open! We renovated the front office and turned it into a little hang out area and store. Our goal is to have a one stop shop for your workout and post workout needs.

The store is open for EVERYONE. You don’t have to be a member of the gym. If you’re around the area come and see what we have to offer. The store is open during normal gym hours.

Here’s a sample of the items we carry and what we have to offer.

Equipment for your home gym:

Never Give Up – Barbells, Kettlebells, PlyoBoxes, Wall Balls, and Bumper Plates.

Natural Grips to save your hands.

Jump Ropes (coming soon)

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For your post workout recovery needs we carry:

Caffeine & Kilos Coffee,

SFH Fish Oil and Protein,

Pure Selection Protein,

Formula O2,

Fuel for Fire,

BulletProof Brain Octane and Coffee

And much more

And of course all of you favorite PSKC gear. Click HERE to have them shipped to you.

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