The snowball is turning into an avalanche…

The snowball is turning into an avalanche…

Sara and Monica on the tire drags…

It keeps getting better and better….people of the PSKC are throwbacks to the strength and toughness of the steel mill and factory workers who built this town. In the last decade especially, southern Ohio has been infested with drug addicts, criminals, and pill mills. All these parasites have one thing in common…they are weak and afraid of pain. PSKC members accept and embrace the challenge each and every time they come in the warehouse. They know it’s going to be hard; but that’s why the come time and time again. It’s their way of flipping the bird to weakness….and along the way they get into the best shape of their lives.

KB high pulls mixed with push presses. Start out with 20 a piece and ladder down to 4, not to mention the burpee/sprawls thrown in for good measure
Bear crawl sprint finisher..
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