The PSKC Good Luck Charm

The PSKC Good Luck Charm

the official PSKC good luck charm…his name is Mapache and you pay your respects

The end of another great week. Over the weekend some of the crew went up to Columbus to volunteer and/or judge at the Reebok Crossfit Central East Regionals. It was an awesome event filled with some amazing athletes.

Also, we tested out the new time for the weekly Saturday Pain Clinic workout. Everyone seems to like the earlier 9am time, so we will be sure to keep it at that time slot from now on out.

On Thursday, we went old school and hit up a classic Training Room inspired kettlebell/bodyweight circuit accuratey named the circuit of sweat. It had been awhile since we had done one, and now that the weather warm it’s time to do them more often.

Hope you guys had a great weekend with friends and family. Some of us (myself included) ate like crap over the weekend. Have fun fear, we have just the cure on Monday. See you guys at the 6 or 7!

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