The Open Is Here! Friday Nights Featuring Rue vs. Fitch

The Open Is Here! Friday Nights Featuring Rue vs. Fitch


Ladies and Gentlemen THE OPEN IS HERE!!!
We will be gathering at the gym tonight at 8pm to watch the announcement of 15.1 and see Rich Froning and Matt Fraser battle it out. As epic the open always is, it should be even more epic at PSKC. Those of you who have registered should know by now you have been drafted to a team. This will be the inaugural year for this. There are 5 teams headed up by a coach. Team “Box Jumps and Power Dumps” Coached by Ninjy, Team 50 Shades of Chalk led by Psycho, Team “99 problems but a bench ain’t one”is charged by Ashley, Coach Zak is leading the way with team “Kip-N-Flek and Team “Can’t Touch This” is coached by Hammer.

The team with the most points at the end of the open will be crowned champs. How do I get points? Great question, when you come to Friday Night Lights come ready to give it your all the team that shows the most passion aka heart will receive the “Spartan” award and receive points for that. Top Male and Female will receive points to his or her teams and also each member will receive points based on where you place. We want this to be the best open ever. Having fun is the priority.

To start every open we are doing a head to head battle 15.1 will be one for the ages. Featuring one of the founding Fathers Rue “TC” Sanders vs The 4 Time Champ Fitch Froning. Get to the gym as early as you can, there will be child care for those who need it. Festivities will kick off at 5:30 don’t miss out.

All the coaches have been working hard to make this one of the most memorable events of the year for you. This post will tell you all you need to know!

Team rosters:

50 Shades of Chalk– Sponsored by Stakers Drugs
Psycho Trace Beth Boss Dreamboat Intern 1 Oak Brandi Kim Aubrey  Pops Baby Momma Sass

Team Can’t Touch This
Hammer Amy Glockner Natural Mighty Joe Kari G Baby Shaquille Jason Ruby Preach Andrew Graf Bobbi  Amanda K Melissa Jim Graf Matt Smith

Box Jumps and Power Dumps 

Ninjy Mo D Jess S. PR Lindsay Wes Nick Eli Cover girl Keri B.  Chelsey Mandy  Jason Smith

Kip N Flex:

Zak Fitch Ricky Les Jana Ladd Tia Babe Mike D Lori Mamma Ruby Marilyn Karen B Jill Adkins Rue

99 Probz but a Bench Ain’t One

Ash Shane Sara Perry Steven Harris Handyman Brooke Renee HoneyBunz Abby Connor Bre Chris Lowery

Point System:

Spartan Award = 7 points. This is awarded weekly and voted on by the gym. This award is given to the team who showed the most heart, teamwork, determination and fun! We will post to Facebook and ask for your votes each week.

First place male/female = 5 points

2nd place male/female = 4 points

3rd place male/female = 3 points

4th place male/female = 2 points

5th place male/female = 1 points

Workout participation = 1 point

After the 5 weeks are up, teams with the highest point totals wins! What do you win? Historical significance! Plus some sweet swag and most important a kick ass trophy!

WHEN: For 15.1 we will start at 530pm for the first Friday Night Lights. We want as many people to be there as possible. The opening ceremony includes a head to head match up featuring Rue vs. Fitch! After the head to head battle royale, we will begin the competitions and heats. We want the atmosphere to be screaming, cheering, high fiving is all encouraged.

What do you do if you can’t make it to Friday Night Lights? The rest of the Friday classes will be having the Open workout, so you can knock it out then or get with your team captain and you can knock it out on Monday. Workout and score must be submitted no later than 8pm on Monday. For all questions about the Open and/or workouts talk to your team captain.

PHOTOS: Everyone take a crazy amount of photos and videos and post them to Instagram/Facebook. Please use the hashtag #PSKCopen, at the end of the open we will choose the top 5 photos and have you guys vote on the best photo for the PSKC Open.

This will be monumental. See you Friday!


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