THE OPEN IS HERE!!! and yes you are doing it!

THE OPEN IS HERE!!! and yes you are doing it!

The 2014 CrossFit Open registration is live! So go get signed up! That’s means you…yes you. The person debating whether or not you should “compete”. The answer is absolutely YES.

The Open isn’t for Rich Froning, it’s not for the freak stud, it’s not for your coaches or even those who love to compete.

IT’S FOR YOU! The virgin competitor, the person who right now is doubting if they have the ability. The Open is your shot to have a goal and bust your ass, to get that first pullup, that first toe2bar, make that lift. It’s about effort and it’s about being on a team…..TEAM PSKC.

You won’t experience a better atmosphere of fun, positivity, and electric energy. For 5 weeks, you get a shot to tackle new obstacles. You get a shot to be motivated and work on new goals for the next year. This is YOUR shot. If you don’t sign up you’ll regret you didn’t. Click HERE on why you should do it.


Click HERE to get registered and join Team PSKC!


First workout is announced 27FEB and runs for 5 weeks after that. Our tentative plan is to host the Open workouts on Saturday morning. We want as big and awesome atmosphere as possible so we will have everyone that’s signed up do the workout in multiple heats on Saturday morning. That way when you’re done you can stay and cheer on your teammates.

Now go get signed up…that means YOU! This is your chance to not let fear dictate your decisions.

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