The Next Best Time Is Now

The Next Best Time Is Now


You owe it to yourself to start now.

Anita (aka Granny Traps pictured above) waited a long time. She was pestered by friends and co-workers. She told herself she wasn’t “in shape” enough. She couldn’t do it. After all, she’s a grandma. Now look at her. She look at her. Her only regret? She didn’t start sooner.

Look at Paul, a husband and father of 3. The guy on the left looks like his father. He didn’t want to start right away because he thought he needed to lose more weight. When he finally did start he never looked back, he went from running no miles to his first half marathon. His only regret? He didn’t start sooner.

“If it wasn’t for the greatest coaches and members, always being supportive and pushing me to be a better version of myself yesterday’s half marathon would have never been possible. The last 2 years have been awesome and looking forward to the many more years to come.”

We will show you how…

We have the best people that will support you..

It will be hard..

It will be fun..

It will be worth it…

We’ve got classes before the sunrises to well after it sets.

Got kids, drop them off in our kids room.

Don’t wait, don’t regret you didn’t start sooner.

Our next bring a friend is this Saturday at 9am. Our next 101 course starts the following Monday at 530pm. Our new prices go into effect starting January. That means there’s only 3 101 courses left in the year to be grandfathered into our current pricing. If you’d like to get started come down this Saturday for a free workout and talk to a coach. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Or just shoot us an email (

See you Saturday

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