The last burpee of your first workout

The last burpee of your first workout

“What did you just get yourself into?” The thoughts are racing through your brain. You’ve saw it on Facebook or maybe via our Instagram page, you checked it out online…you finally emailed and set up your 101 course. Coach Mo spent a week with you, taught you some kettlebell kung fu mixed with barbell and bodyweight technique. You did things you didn’t know you could do, you’re sore in places you didn’t know you had.

Now it’s your first “real” class. You hear the “beep”…10 seconds. “Oh shit”…Then beep 3, beep 2, beep 1 GO! It’s the longest 5-15 minutes of your life. You hit the deck, got back up and clapped overhead, the last burpee of your first workout… made it. You’ve joined a community a folks who understand “to perfect the soul, you must punish the body”.

Keep kicking ass, we can’t wait to watch your progress.

If you’re out there wondering if you can make it…you can. The most difficult step to take is the first one. Email to grab a slot of the next 101 course.




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