The Gauntlet VI Showdown at the Stadium is Here!

The Gauntlet VI Showdown at the Stadium is Here!

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We are PUMPED for Saturday! Several months of planning and prepping all lead to Saturday. Here’s all the info you need to know for Saturday.

General Flow: 

We try to keep this as fast paced and organized as possible. We want to keep you moving in, have a great time, and most importantly get to the free beer afterwards. Our goal is to provide you the most fun and unorthodox competition you’ve ever done. To do that we need a few things from you guys as athletes. Be on time, kick ass, and have a great attitude. This is NOT the Games or Regionals. All our judges/staff are here to support you and they are volunteering their time to make this happen. We will not tolerate any rude or disrespectful behavior towards any of our volunteers. If there is an issue, please the Event Director (Dale) or any of the coaches.

There will be a total of 3 events. Event 1 will have a finals, we will take the top 10 teams of that event and move them to the finals. At the end of all 3 events, we will then take the top 5 teams and move them to the finals. For the finals, it is winner take all. So you could be the 5th placed team going into the finals, and if you win the event, you take home the trophy.

NOTE: In the event of a tie, the score from event 1 will be used as the tiebreaker.

Timeline: Please not this is a very rough draft of the timeline. We will do our best to stick to this, because we all want to hit up the free keg of Rhinegeist Cougar at Port City afterwards.

0815-0845 Check In/Registration
0900-0910 Event 1 Briefing
0915-0920 Heat 1
0922-0927 Heat 2
0929-0934 Heat 3
0938-0943 Heat 4
0945-0950 Heat 5
0952-0957 Heat 6
0959-1004 Heat 7
1010-1015 Event 1 Finals Briefing
1015-1020 Event 1 Finals
1025-1030 Event 2 Briefing
1030-1040 Heat 1
1042-1052 Heat 2
1054-1104 Heat 3
1106-1116 Heat 4
1125-1130 Event 3 Briefing
1135-1150 Heat 1
1152-1207 Heat 2
1209-1224 Heat 3
1226-1241 Heat 4
1250-1300 Finals Briefing
1305-1325 Finals (top 5 teams advance)
1330-1345 Awards
1400 – UTC AfterParty at Port City!


Heat Assignments:

Gauntlet VI Heat Assignments – Sheet1

Event Layout:

1) Plenty of parking outside. The main entrance will be the NW gate.
2) The middle of the field will be for vendors. Teams can set up their canopies around the vendors on the field.
3) The North half of the stands will be blocked off.
4) Everything you see in this picture is fair game. Warm-up area, we will have limited equipment in the warmup area, so please bring whatever you may need to warm up. Also, NO chalk will be provided.


Admission is FREE! Please invite as many folks as possible. All we ask is to support the vendors and sponsors.

See you all Saturday morning!

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