The Forging of a Hammer: the Transformation from Mike to the Hammer

The Forging of a Hammer: the Transformation from Mike to the Hammer

His name is Mike, but he is known as the Hammer and he is one happy dude. Seven months ago he stepped inside PSKC for his intro class. Back then he was a smoker and weighed around 260lbs. Since that November day he has dropped 60lbs, replaced cigarettes for 5K medals, smiled the entire time, and has become a source of inspiration for dozens of people.

I’ll never forget after he first started coming, I went into the Water Shop to grab some water for the gym. As I was driving up I saw Mike and he ran around the corner of the building trying to hide his cigarette! It has only been approximately 7 months and Mike’s progress is truly outstanding. As he started shedding pounds, he gained smiles. One thing with the Hammer is you will never not find him smiling. Whether it’s in the middle of a grueling workout, whether it’s before his pre-workout weighted vest runs, or sometimes post-workout burpee fests. The Hammer is always smiling.

the number showing total loss of 60lbs

He’s smiling because he’s happy to feel alive. He’s fueled by his church and faith in God. He know’s what it’s like to be trapped inside someone he’s not, a person he isn’t happy with. He has shed the 60lb gorilla off of his back and is quite literally running as fast as possible to incredible progress.

This spring the Hammer thought it would be a cool idea to go “try” a 5K. By “trying” he went and smoked the course in a blistering 20:59, taking 1st place in his age category.

A few weeks later, he decided he’d go try another race. This time a 3.5 mile course in 22:34

Yet again his story, just like Amanda‘s is not an overnight success story. None of ours are…they take time..consistency…hard work..and a positive attitude. Small goals are set, small victories are attained. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months…and before you know it a man becomes a hammer.

“The hottest fires produce the strongest steel”
We don’t cater to fitness freaks or people “already in shape“. Our mission is to provide physical and mental fitness, strength, and health to the people of southern Ohio. Our greatest successes do not come when we bring back trophies or medals, it comes when people do what they once thought was impossible.

I asked the Hammer to share his own personal story with you all. I think it’s much more meaningful to hear from the person himself. I know many of out there see our photos and watch our videos and might think there’s no way you can do it. As Mike explains he used the same old excuses too, but one day he realized;


“This was spray painted in black on the wall, it was one of the first things I noticed when I walked in the doors of PSKC in November. This quote for the next 7 months would get me through alot of workouts as I would say it to myself when my body was telling me, screaming at me NO! 
I’ve learned quite a bit about myself over the last several months for one my life was one big EXCUSE, all the while I was making these excuses I’ve become someone who disgusted me. I hated looking at my body. I wanted to change but I didn’t really know how, I wanted to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, I tried it on my own with no success. I’m a man who believes in God and believes he has plans for each of us and I believe it was his design plan for me to meet Dale. He came into my place of work to buy water, I introduced myself, he told me a little about the gym and invited me down. I didn’t go right away about a week or so later I decided to weigh myself something I never do because I just didn’t want to know…Well the scale read 260 at that point I was deflated, later that afternoon I made the call and scheduled my intro class and I became hooked. 

Almost 7 months have went by and I have lost 60 pounds, quit smoking after almost 16 years and I’m in the best shape of my life I recently have entered a couple 5K’s place fourth in one and third in the other. I stopped making excuses and just went for it. When I walked through the doors I weighed 260 and smoked a pack a day, I didn’t have to get in shape before I joined PSKC and if that is a excuse your using STOP! When you walk through the doors of PSKC you be given every tool you need to become AWESOME! 
The coaches and the people that make up PSKC will be with you every step of the way and that’s a fact I can testify to that. If there was a way I could go back in time and talk to the 260 pound version of myself this is what I would tell him. GOD created you for greatness, don’t settle for mediocre living, let go of the past regrets and all the excuses your destiny awaits as you go so will others around you, don’t fall in line but run to the front of the pack, and always, always remember “Pain is not my enemy it’s my call to greatness”. Jeremiah 29:11″

When you’re ready, we will be here. It won’t be easy, it won’t be overnight. For “only the hottest fires produce the strongest steel”…or in this case the strongest hammers. 

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