the dirty…the nasty..the FILTHY

the dirty…the nasty..the FILTHY

as bad as it looks..

To celebrate the boys of JSOC bringing the heat and terminating Bin Laden with extreme prejudice, we did a little Filthy 50, aka Chuck Norris…

Pusscake killed the Filthy..

During my military service, I had the extreme fortune of serving with a special operations unit. I say this not for the “cool guy” effect, as my role was to support the operators. However, it was through this relationship that I was introduced to the Crossfit method/style of training.

After several days of being asked to try it out, finally a couple of SF officers decided it would be “cool” to try “Filthy 50” and invited me along.  Some 50 minutes later and several visits to the bathroom…I was destroyed and demoralized. I couldn’t even finish the damn thing ….I was pissed off with myself, because I thought I was in shape, after all I was supposed to be prepared for combat, if I had only been introduced earlier on. After that day I was hooked….that was almost exactly 4 years ago.
4 years laters, I completed the same workout in 20 minutes, 5 seconds. 
But what pleased me even more was that all regulars at PSKC completed the workout in around 30 minutes….truly a beautiful thing to witness and be able to participate alongside, I’m constantly impressed by you all…

Speaking of impressive…how strong do you think you are? Try taking over 1/2 your bodyweight in one hand, pick it off the ground and put it overhead. Need an example…here’s PSKC Coach Monica clean and pressing a 70lb kettlebell…

Being strong doesn’t mean being bloated and “huge”…it means being as strong as humanly possible at the lowest bodyweight….strength to bodyweight ratio. That’s what we’re after, and so should you be. We’ll show you how…all you have to do is commit and provide the effort. PSKC will take care of the rest…

Want to learn how? Come to Wednesday’s intro at 5pm….come be apart of Southern Ohio’s strongest movement. 

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