The "Carver"

The "Carver"

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Monday’s work was all about the “CARVER”. For the entire story on 1LT Derick Carver, go to:

Hanging on the wall inside PSKC

It was almost exactly one year ago that we first did the Carver workout. It was designed in honor of my good friend Derick Carver who lost one of his legs while hunting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was our way of saying thanks and to let him know he was in our prayers. The initial inspiration for this idea was taken from Crossfit’s “Murph” workout ( I was fortunate enough to be able to go out to Walter Reed a few days after we did the initial workout to visit with them and show him some photos of the people going through the workout named in his honor. He was pleased and honored to say the least…even remarking, “dude, I can’t believe anyone would do that sh!t!”

The Carver is a two part workout;

Phase I (Infil) aka the warm-up. This is designed to replicate (in the gym) climbing the mountains of Afghanistan.

So you do 30 seconds of box step ups (18-24in) followed immediately by 30 seconds of mountain climbers. You repeat this 5 times (rounds) for a total of 5 minutes non-stop. Take 1-2 minutes rest and then get ready for the workout.

Infil Phase

Phase II (Actions on Objective) aka the workout. Phase I deployed you to the mission, now it’s time to engage.

The workout is broken down into 5 timed work/rest rounds of 5 exercises; at the completion of each round rest 40-60 seconds and then hit up the next round

Round 1 = 60 seconds work / 30 seconds rest
*Round 2 = 50 seconds work / 25 seconds rest
Round 3 = 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest
Round 4 = 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest
Round 5 = 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest repeated twice non-stop

Exercises/Movements =

Weighted Situp
Kettlebell Thruster (full front squat into a push press)
Ring Rows
Kettlebell Swing
½ Burpee

So Round One looks like this:

1 minute of weighted situps, 30 seconds rest
1 minute of Thrusters, 30 seconds rest
1 minute of Rows, 30 seconds rest
1 minute of Swings, 30 seconds rest
1 minute of ½ burpees, end of round – rest 40-60 seconds and go into round 2 etc..

*Variable = after the end of round 1, grab a weighted vest or weighted pack/backpack and strap it on for the rest of the workout. If working out in a group, you are able to pass the vest/pack off to one another as long as the vest doesn’t rest on the ground.

The vest/pack is a symbol of a wounded or fallen soldier and their kit and more importantly always being able to muster the strength and determination to honor those who have sacrificed for us. It’s important to never forget what they have done and are doing for us…
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