the Ashley B!

the Ashley B!

Ashley B…the B stands for BEAST MODE

The above picture is an example of what happens when lay it on the line every time you train and eat right! Combining the right diet and right exercise makes for one strong machine..

At PSKC we pride ourselves on customer service…

Earlier in the week, someone asked me if we could do burpee pullups in a workout. Ask and you shall receive!

So today we started off with a 1/2 mile run followed by 3 rounds of:
10 burpee-pullups AKA “Ashley B’s”
15 Push Presses
20 Sledge Strikes
then finished with another 1/2 mile run

Here’s a vid of Beast Mode in action..and she smoked my time by the way..finishing in 14:51

Here she is spring the home stretch of the last terrible 1/2 mile..

And the final product…

She kicks massive amounts of ass. And by the way she eats great too, you can’t out train a shitty diet….it’s such an honor to coach her and everyone at PSKC. She has come a long way…but just imagine what she and you will be doing in 6 months…the future is bright..

We are rallying at 0830 at the Hospice Center in Portsmouth on Saturday for the Hike for Hospice…epic glory awaits you for this awesome event. If you want get on a team and carry some kettlebells, we’ll figure out a way. Or if you just want to walk in the event and encourage those teams, please do! But remember we are cancelling the 11am class on Saturday because I want as many people to attend this event and more importantly donate money to the Hospice!

Always remember your profession…

300 what is your profession by RobGreen

Finally, we’re heading up to Rogue Fitness to get some equipment on Saturday. Email me if you want me to get you a kettlebell or two..

See you tomorrow morning for epic glory!!

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