Thanksgiving Week..

Thanksgiving Week..

Another awesome Saturday Pain Clinic…this time we changed it up a little bit from the usual Saturday workout. Based on how effective the SSU Lady Bears Thursday workout was we decided to throw it out to the PSKC regulars on Saturday morning with a bit of change.

We broke into teams of 2 and assigned the following ladder workout
Partner 1 does 10 reps, as partner 2 “rests” (you rest while holding/carrying a 25lb plate for chicks and a 45lb plate for dudes), they then switch…so partner 2 does their 10 reps as partner 1 “rests”. Then you ladder down  to 9, 8, 7, 6…1 of the following:

Wall Ball
Slam Ball
Double KB Push Press

As a frame of reference that red PSKC target is 10 ft tall

Okay…we are rocking regular classes Monday through Wednesday. So you’ll have your pick of the 6 or 7pm class on Monday. The 6pm class on Tuesday. Wednesday we have the 5pm intro and 6pm class.

We are doing a special time for Thursday at 9am…come in and get a caloric annihilation in the morning so the grub will taste all that better throughout the rest of the day. 

Also we are trying to schedule a Sissy Test remake for those who didn’t get to try it. Everyone is welcome to attend and root your friends as they experience the suck..I’ll let you all know when/where..

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