Thanksgiving Burner

Thanksgiving Burner

Close to 20 PSKC’ers showed up at 9am to burn some serious calories in order to enjoy guilt free Thanksgiving. Instead of going with the typical BS of being sensible and not getting full…we slammed an entire week of hard workouts so that they we can annihilate some Thanksgiving Day grub. Today was the toughest one yet… 15-1 ladder workout of the following:

2 arm KB Thruster
1/2 Burpee

So you start with 15 reps of the exercises, then 14, then 13, … all the way down to you get to 1 rep each. Pretty nasty stuff especially if you choose the right weight. Big props to Sara and Mo for killing it this morning.

The Wolfpack getting their thruster on…


Enjoy your day and spend it with your loved ones…eat, rest, laugh, and love. I give big thanks to be surrounded by you all…I am indebted to you all.
And most importantly, take some time to remember and cherish those who are huddled together in chow halls across Iraq and Afghanistan far away from their families and loved ones…

Saturday’s class will be at 10am! See you there!

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