Thanks for the Support and Upcoming Events/Announcements:

Thanks for the Support and Upcoming Events/Announcements:

We had a great turnout on Saturday for the Paleo seminar and want to thank each and every one of you showed up on the coldest day of the year.

The day started with a packed Pain Clinic thanks to a big showing from our Kentucky brothers.

We then all got settled in and listened to Josh and Chastity present an incredible informative nutrition seminar. I cannot thank them enough to coming down here and spreading the message of being better through nutrition and Crossfit. They are truly a gift. Later throughout the week we’ll discuss some key points and takeaways from the presentation.

The next couple weeks/months are gonna be busy filled with some more badassery. A couple things you need to stay on top of:

ROYAL BURPEE CHALLENGE! We officially started yesterday with one burpee. Make sure you get your 2 in sometime today. You don’t want to fall behind! Remember, this is the honor system and you have the entire day to knock your total for that day.

New Beginners Program starts this Wednesday at 5pm! We’ve received several emails and messages about grabbing a slot for the next intro program. We’ll be taking a new class this Wednesday at 5pm. Slots are filling up fast so please get ahold of me to secure your slot.

CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN: PSKC has an unaffiliated team entered in the Open. You won’t want to miss out and then regret competing in 5 week series of open workouts. So pay the $20 and see where you stack up in the world!

CROSSFIT at the ARNOLD! In conjunction with the Open, you will have the opportunity to complete Open workout #2 alongside other athletes in front of hundreds of spectators at the Arnold. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to meet and see some of the top Crossfit Games competitors in action. Registration details will be released soon. 

25 Day Paleo Challenge 20FEB12: One of the takeaways from the Paleo Seminar was committing to a 25 day no cheat/no variety pure Paleo challenge. 25 straight days of eating the way we’re designed to eat. More importantly to ensure success you need to surround yourself with a community of people that will help you through. So starting Monday, 20FEB12 PSKC will start the 25 day Paleo challenge as a group. I encourage you all to participate and help one another become better. More details to follow in the week. Also, it’s a great time so that you’re dialed into your nutrition during the Open.

Tactical Strength Challenge: 5MAY at the Jersey Shore!  PSKC has been called out! Click the link to your left for full details. Nothing better than a little spring trip to the beach! Not to mention the deadlifts, pullups, kb snatches and the kick ass party afterwards with Uncle Mike and the crew from the Training Room. PSKC owes an incredible amount to Uncle Mike and the Training Room for being our mentors and helping us along. If you want to see the gym that we use as our guide then come along! Right now flights are around $230 to NYC. We’d then all load up in a rental minivan and make the 1 hour trip down to Point Pleasant Beach. Let us know if you’re interested!

As you can see we’re gonna be BUSY! But we’d rather be busy with badassery than just sitting at home. Come join us and be apart of the madness…

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