Thank You Lady Bears…

Thank You Lady Bears…

Over the past couple of months I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Shawnee State University’s Softball Team as their strength and conditioning coach. Tonight was our last official team workout before winter break as practice will begin when the ladies return to school. These women never ceased to amaze with their attitude, toughness, and their willingness to push themselves and one another. It’s an understatement to say these are some tough chicks.

You will be missed ladies. I know without a doubt you will have a great season. Remember everything you’ve learned about yourselves during these couple of months. You came in soft and deconditioned…you now leave strong and confident knowing that no other team you will face has gone through what you have…has suffered as much to become better…

Some people think they are tough….others know they are. Only though continually challenging and testing your physical capabilities will truly learn about yourself….you now know that when you step on the field you are far more physically and mentally superior than your opponent.

Thank you again ladies…you have done far for me than I could have done for you. I’ll wear my jacket proud and scream loud at your games. STRENGTH AND HONOR….

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