Thank You!

Thank You!

Can you recognize any of us without the sweaty pain face?

Last night I had the honor to be named a Wellness Hero at the Red Cross Dinner. It was an amazing night and was just really good to see all the good things people were doing in the community. There are a lot of unsung heroes out there trying to make our town a better place. To me, the highlight of the night was when Army Specialist Matt Keating received a standing ovation for his valorous and courageous acts on the Afghanistan battlefield.

Let me be very clear that although I’m very honored and humbled to receive the award, I’m not deserving of the title “hero”.

I own a gym, I do what I love. And I do it in safety and peace.

The true heroes are far from home in the combat zone serving their country. They are doing what 99% of the America will not do…fight for their country. Not only do they place themselves in great danger, but their loved ones have to carry the burden as well.

And sometimes they feel as if they are’s been 10 years and yet our men and women are still answering the call. Think about this, if you were 18 and enlisted after 9-11 and are still serving on active duty today odds are you’ve been been to Iraq/Afghanistan on average I’d say 4-6 tours. You’ve spent as much of your 20s in combat as you have back in the States.

What have you done the last 10 years?

Don’t wait for someone to stand up and do the right thing. Lead from the front and lead by example. Be the example of strength…

I was recently reading something by Brad McKee the founder of the Disposable Heroes Project (DHP). The charity that PSKC is raising money for with our 9-11 Throwdown Event (click HERE for details). After posting an article about the recent deaths of 31 warriors in Afghanistan, someone told him;

“Brad, you are doing way MORE than most”

His response was very profound to me…

“I don’t compare my actions to others…..if I did, not much would get done”

So very true. If mediocrity and weakness are the norm in our society than don’t waste your time comparing your actions to others. Do what needs to be done and do it well.

What we do at PSKC is not heroic. It’s simply what should be and what needs to be done. No frills, no magic pills, no excuses…. HARD WORK. But we don’t do it alone, we are a team that encourages and supports each other to be better. And for this I give my sincerest thanks to each and every person who comes to PSKC. Any success myself or the gym enjoys is because of you guys.

Here’s a testament to how awesome the people of PSKC truly are…there were approximately 40 of us who attended that dinner last night! Way more than any other group/organization there. At $15/ticket our group raised around $600 for the Red Cross last night…that’s $600 that will go to help people in need.

That’s what is all about…

So after we took Wednesday off it was time to get back at it! Plus Wednesday should have been a mandatory rest day after the Sissy Test!!

Today it was time to work on putting lots of weight overhead! Everyone worked on their push press/jerk technique for the first half of the class. Then it was time for

9-15-21 of:
Box Jumps
Push Press

Don’t forget we have the 9am and 5pm Friday options! Also if you wanted the special edition 9-11 Throwdown Shirt, I need your money and sizes by the 5pm class tomorrow. See you at the compound..

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