Taking CrossFit to SSU: Wednesday 23APR

Taking CrossFit to SSU: Wednesday 23APR

IMG_20140408_121251We will be hosting a team competition for all SSU athletes and students on Wednesday, April 23rd starting at 4pm. If you’re a current student at SSU grab a team of 4 people and meet us over at the soccer field at 4pm. We will be running heats of 5 teams at a time until all teams are complete.  If you are a PSKC’r the invite is open to you all. Evening classes will be at the SSU soccer field. The gym itself will be closed on Wednesday evening so we’re asking that you all come down to SSU for a great team workout.

Here’s what we’ve got in store:

Teams of 4:
2 working at a time: As a team complete
150 pushups
150 squats
150 situps

Each teammate must sprint the length of the field and back, then grab a set of kettlebells (53/35) and does farmers carry up and back
Tags, next teammate etc. Repeat 2 times
*During this evolution the team must complete 2000m on rower
Each teammate does 30 burpees.
When last person completes the 30th burpee. Call time

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