Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of You

Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of You

The “Hold” portion of the Lactic Acid Bath workout
Tuesday Turkish Get Up Practice

Tuesday we spent the first of the workout refining one of the best overall exercises, the Turkish Get Up. We did 5 minutes non-stop switching sides each time. After the TGU practice it was time for a bath…and we broke out a classic PSKC workout, the Lactic Acid Bath. 

You work for 30 seconds, hold for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times straight through and then switch to the next exercise.

Jump Squats/ hold in bottom of squat

Heavy Slamball/ OH Rest
Ring Row or Rope climb/ hang
Burpee/Front Leaning Rest

Also from the board you can tell some of us did a classic Crossfit workout “FRAN” in preparation for this weekend’s crossfit competition at the Arnold Classic. Fran is:
 21-15-9 of 95lb Thrusters and Pullups. 
It’s one of the most hellish creations ever spawned. I was close to puking and having a pulmonary embolism at the same time. Luckily Z-Bizzle had just what I needed when I came back to Earth (this is reason #36 why it’s good to have West Siders around)
don’t let Miller Lite know I cheated on her..
And in closing, I just to say thanks to all of you who support PSKC. Whether you’re a hardcore regular or you just come when you can, you’re allowing me to live my dream and passion…and have made me amazing in the process. Earlier today I attempted to send out an email to each of you to say thanks and also detail how  I’m going to do better on implementing the referral system. If you didn’t get an email, I apologize…I either don’t have it or I screwed it up. So please shoot me an email at: louisdaleking@yahoo.com 
And I’ll make sure you get on the distro list. So copied below is an open letter to all the supporters of PSKC…
“Just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for being apart of PSKC. Any success the gym has is because of you! I’m extremely proud that we’ve been able to cultivate such an incredible group of hard working and fun loving people.
(Even through a harsh winter with no heat nonetheless!)
This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend an Integrated Kettlebell Certification at the Jersey Shore. In addition to all the time focused on workouts and kettlebell training/instruction, one of the topics discussed was the importance of taking care of your members. Every single person that has stepped foot inside PSKC has been through word of mouth. It’s amazing that I haven’t had to spend one dime of advertising and marketing. It’s because of great people like yourself that has made this possible.
So I want to make sure I properly thank you for that. So from now on, we’re going to do a better job of instituting the referral system. If there’s anyone out there that you know, like, and trust that could benefit from what we do at PSKC have them come to an intro class (Wednesdays at 5pm) or have them get ahold of me to schedule an intro class. For each person you refer to the gym you will be credited a free class, no limitations. You refer 10 people, you get 10 free workouts. It’s the least I can do to say thanks.
March 4-5: Arnold Classic Crossfit Competition
  • Some members of PSKC will be competing at a Crossfit event at the Arnold Classic. If you’re heading up there be sure to stop by the Crossfit Venue and check out some awesome workout competitions and root them on!
Saturday, March 12th: BEER AND BURPEES
  • To coincide with the St. Paddy’s Day Parade we’re gonna throwdown an awesome workout at 2pm at PSKC. Get all sweaty and nasty, then immediate go have a green beer or 12 at Port City and watch the Parade. It’s a great way to hang out with other folks from PSKC and have a great time. And with all the dirty West Siders, you know we’ll throw down some beers!
  • This will be a 5 event kettlebell strength and conditioning challenge. Events include 5 minute snatch test, max pullups/dead hang, 2 minute max goblet squats, 1/4 mile kettlebell carry and run, and suprise finisher event! Prizes will be awarded to top overall male and female competitors and 40+ winners as well. This is going to be a unique and awesome event. Plus pizza and beer afterwards!
So from the bottom of my heart..thank you for allowing me to live my dream. If you haven’t stopped by in awhile you know we’d love to see you and train with you, you are always welcomed. Plus now is the time to start training for the GAUNTLET! 
in strength,
Dale King
Owner, Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club -PSKC”
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