Tabata Tomorrow..

Tabata Tomorrow..

Hope you all had another awesome weekend as we head into a great Christmas week. The class schedule will be the same at PSKC during the week except for there will be no 7pm class on Thursday and of course no class on Christmas (but you can impress your family  this year by doing a turkish get up with the kids just make sure you take a picture).

Also we are rocking another Monday intro class tomorrow at 5pm….so if you’re new to kettlbell training and you wanna come check us out and Wednesdays don’t work for you come on down this Monday. Also don’t forget you can never work on the fundamentals enough. Just because you’ve been once doesn’t mean you can’t come again…plus it would be a good warmup for the class.
Mobility, do this right now as you read the rest of the post…hint it will help you for tomorrow’s workout.

Tomorrow we’re gonna do some tabata intervals for the entire workout. Don’t know what the hell that means? Get your research on….go to to learn more.

You guys will love it….come on down and put some work in to combat all the cookies you’ll be stealing from Santa later in the week!

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