Swell and Sprint

Swell and Sprint

PSKC CrossFit – CrossFit


1a: Rope Climb (5 X 2)

Alternate between 1a and 1b for 5 sets. Record total number of rope climbs completed.

1b: Ring Dips (5 X 8)

Perform weighted if able.


2: Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time.  You-go-I-Go with a partner (so 8 total rounds, 4 each of the following sprints)

 – 200m Sprint

 – 12 KB Swing

 – 12 Sit Ups

Rx (53/35, Overhead Swings)

Mod 2 (44/26, Russian Swings)

Mod 1 (35/18, Russian Swings)

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