Sweet 16 in December!

Sweet 16 in December!

wordswag_1480955373530December is 30 days of work parties, family get togethers, Christmas and New Years eating. Historically, December is the lowest attended month in the gym, this year we want to provide a little incentive to keep you sweating in the gym so you can enjoy the get togethers.

We want you to aim for 4 days/week in December – we’re calling it the the Sweet 16. If we can get a minimum of 50 people that come at least at 16 times in the month of December your coaches will cumulatively have to do 1000 x levee sprints. Additionally – we will throw you guys a little pizza and beer happy hour on December 30th. Also, we will hand out a surprise gift to the person who attends the most in the month!

So make plans to get in here 4 times a week for each week of December!

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