Super Bowl Sunday Week in Review

Super Bowl Sunday Week in Review

Chris on the last couple reps of the 30 X Clean and Press team challenge

Lots of great stuff that went happened over the week…including one of the greatest quotes of all time. Back story = I’m a huge fan of the website “Strong Is the New Skinny” , the essential philosophy is to get change people’s (women especially”) minds/attitudes about working out and training….that being strong is a helluva lot better than being weak and “skinny”. And to celebrate training hard, intense, and heavy…

So I’m constantly using that phrase – “strong is the new skinny”. One of the hardest workers we have is Primetime (who just cleaned a 70lb kettlebell by the way) she was informing her husband that “strong is the new skinny”…he replied with “then traps are the new boobies”….instant quote of the week.

On Wednesday we did on the nastier workouts I’ve done in a while…a 7 round beatdown of:

7 kipping pullups
7 Snatches weakside/strongside
7 Slamball or Sledge
7 burpees
I used a 28kg bell and 20lb slamball and completed it in 11:51…I was on the floor for a LONG time afterwards…
The Wife back in action, cranking out the jumping pullups..not bad coming back from 2 broken arms a few weeks ago
Thursdays have been turning into team workouts/competitions…so we kept the ball rolling. We spend a good amount of time on refining the single and double kettlebell clean and press/jerk. Then we split people into teams and had a member from each team face each other by completing 30 X Clean and Presses as fast as possible. 
Seconds before the start..
Standard weights for females were 2 X 26lb kbs, males were 2 X 44lb kbs. If you choose a lighter weight, 2 minutes were added to your time and if you choose a heavier weight, you got to subtract 2 minutes off of your total time. Adding some intensity definitely increases the intensity…
Tiff killed it with a great time..
Then we ended the week with another great Saturday Pain Clinic involving batttling ropes, butcher pushes, wall ball, weighted situps, high pulls, ring dips, and racked step ups.
Brent attempting the Southern Ohio ninja warrior course..
Coach Ann Marie bringing the butcher home..
Built Ford Tough is prepping for the London Olympics 
never gets “easy”
Finally…being that it is the Super Bowl Sunday…here’s some clips of what it takes to get there from my favorite players on each side…
Clay Matthews

James Harrison 
gotta love a guy who slams an idiot fan..see 0:39

Have fun tonight..and we’ll see you either at 6 or 7 tomorrow!
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