Summer Strength and Conditioning with Luke Keller and PSKC

Summer Strength and Conditioning with Luke Keller and PSKC



Are you interested in learning the proper technique in the major lifts such as the squat, clean, bench, and deadlift? Are you wanting to gain an edge over the competition this fall? Do you want to build an injury proof body and an unbeatable mind? Then join us this summer as we offer the best preseason strength and conditioning program the area has ever seen.

We are proud to announce that Luke Keller will be joining the staff of PSKC this summer and together will be offering a summer strength and conditioning program for local athletes.

Luke is a former Valley standout where he was the 2012 Division 5, All Ohio Offensive Player of The Year, 1st Team All State, ESPN Player of The Week, District Player of The Year, and SOC 2 Back of the Year

Currently Luke is an all conference linebacker at Morehead State University where he will be entering his senior year. His collegiate career highlights include being named the 2015 Morehead State Male Athlete of the Year, 2015 Collegiate All Commonwealth Team- representing the best college football players in Kentucky, all PFL (Conference) Linebacker, and 2015 Defensive MVP.

Together Luke and PSKC will be teaching your athletes proper strength training in the weight room and proper mechanics on the field. Our goal is provide an all encompassing program that will produce strong, fast, and explosive athletes on the field. Equally important we will teach habits to build mental toughness, teach proper hydration and nutrition, and athletes will be required to complete homework assignments throughout the course of the program.

We guarantee our program will build athletes who are in the best possible shape, a never quit spirit, and most importantly great teammates. We not only want to produce incredible results on the field but for us it’s much more important to build the next generation of leaders off the field. This program can be a great stand alone program or a supplement to th

A typical session will look like this:

Part I – warmup, mobility, and injury proofing

Part II – Strength – instructing athletes in Squat, Clean, Bench, Press, Deadlift.

Part III – Field Tactics – football/position specific drills and skills.

Part IV – Team Building Conditioning – 5-15 minute conditioning and mental toughness development

Price – EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $249 – if you register in the month of May.

DATES: June 2nd – July 11th

TIMES: Jr High Group: 1000-1100, High School Group: 1100-1200 (Tues/Thurs/Sat)

This will be a 6 week program that will meet 3 times a week (Tues/Thurs/Sat). We are only accepting 15 high school age athletes and 15 junior high school athletes. Each group will be trained separately at different time slots.

If you are interested in your athlete becoming stronger, injury proof, and a great teammate email to reserve your slot.

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