Summer Kids Program is Coming!

Summer Kids Program is Coming!


In a few weeks Mo and Kendra will be traveling to Dallas to attend the CrossFit Kids Certification! We are extremely lucky to have these two women who are equally passionate about CrossFit and teaching our community’s youth. Mo and Kendra are both teachers in our community schools (1st Grade and High School) and are the exactly the kind of strong role models our kids need.

Kids need a healthy outlet especially during the summertime and we are happy to bring that to you all. We are firm believers in moving our kids away from video games and towards fitness. Teaching them the skills and values at an early age in order to grow into strong, confident, and healthy young adults.

We are still early on in the planning stages for our kids program and need your feedback! Here’s what we’re looking at doing so far:

We are going to run classes for 2 ages groups (7-10 & 11-13). We will only be taking 10 kids for each age group.  We are looking at offering 2-3 classes a week for each age group. The program will run 8 weeks. Once summer is over we will continue the Kids Program into the school year.

What we need from the parents are what times/days work best for you all? If you’re interested you need to email to get your kid(s) registered and offer suggestions on which times work best for you. We will be in contact with you!


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