Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund Workout

Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund Workout

Unfortunately I did not have the privledge of knowing Steven Hunter personally. However, fortunately a good friend of mine (Kevin MacDonald) did, he was one of Hunter’s good friends in high school. I asked him to provide a little information about who Steven was and what he was all about. The below passage is directly from Kevin…

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero – “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future”.
            Steven was the epitome of living life to the fullest possible measure, at any time he could be into ten different things. He was a man of many faces and, all those faces had his big toothy smile on them. Steven was an extremely generous and caring person; he didn’t want anybody to be left out of anything. He had a huge heart.

            I consider my friendship with Steven Hunter a highlight of my life. Steve and I knew each other since 6th grade but, we didn’t become close until around our senior year at PHS. Hunter convinced me to drive across the country (Portsmouth to Utah and back) with him and 4 other guys crammed in a Jeep Cherokee on the last week of school. The plan was to have 4 guys do it, all I said was that sounded really awesome, and before I knew it he wanted me to go. He didn’t care how much room there was in that jeep, he was going to get me to come along. That’s just the type of person he was. When I look back at everything that has happened I am so grateful to Hunter for making room and dragging all 5 of us across the country. In his short time here he touched many people either as Captain Trojan or himself he was sure to make you laugh and smile.

            The line from Horace could not fit any better. The loss of Steve was very hard for his close friends and to this day whenever there is a group of us together his name always manages to come up and a smile comes across everyone’s face. Steve is still with all of us.  

Thank you Kev. The workout will begin promptly at 11am at the gym. We are opening our doors to the public, the workout will not be very technical but it will be tough. The workout is free however, I only ask you donate whatever you feel is worthy to the cause. A big thanks to Lara and Kelly for championing this cause. The workout on Saturday is supporting their marathon fundraiser for the Steven Hunter Hope Fund
 All donations go directly to the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund (click HERE), . more importantly it goes directly to the kids of Portsmouth City Schools. 

“The goal of the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund is to establish a perpetual fund for the benefit of the students of the Portsmouth City Schools with financial needs. Poverty can have a devastating effect on the ability of children to learn and achieve. The fund provides for shoes, coats, clothing, school supplies, college entrance exam and ACT/SAT fees, lab fees, field trip/excursion fees, tutoring, limited eye or dental exams & treatment, etc. “

So come prepared to honor Steven’s memory, donate money, and train as if it was last day.

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